Spotify Is Giving Away Google Home Mini to Premium Subscribers

Spotify Is Giving Away Google Home Mini to Premium Subscribers

Tech savvies may consider the standard Google Home Mini to be an older device, given that Google has just released the brand-new Nest Mini. However, as timing would have it, Spotify is giving away a Google Home Mini to its premium subscribers. This would be happening until the stocks run out, and Premium subscribers of Spotify should use the opportunity as soon as possible. This giveaway would be happening until November 15th, given that stocks last. Of course, there are a few processes to take care of to get this advantage.

Users who already have a Spotify Premium subscription can simply log in and check out the feature. Once it has been reserved, users would receive an email, which is said to take some time. Once the email is there in your inbox, you can head to the Google Store and get the Google Home Mini, free of cost. Your transaction would be powered by discount code, and needless to say, this is a one-time deal. As said earlier, Spotify is not simply giving away the device to every single Premium user out there. There are certain restrictions that you should consider.

For instance, this deal is not available for those who are on Spotify Premium free trial. Similarly, those who are enjoying the premium version of the streaming service at student discounts are also exempted from this really awesome deal. Also, it should be noted that Spotify had done another promotion for giving away Home Mini devices last year, dedicated to Family Plan users. If a user had availed this feature, they cannot get this new deal. Despite all these, there are hundreds and thousands of Spotify Premium users who can get a $50 smart speaker for free.

It’s not sure why Spotify and Google are doing this, but competition could surely be a reason.

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