Samsung, LG Prepare To Showcase Latest AI Technologies At CES 2020

Samsung, LG prepare to showcase latest AI technologies at CES 2020. The yearly four-day CES 2020 will commence in Las Vegas on January 7, where around 4,500 firms from around the world will bolt horns with their most recent accomplishments in the top of the line innovation industry, Yonhap news organization revealed.

This year, South Korean tech monsters are particularly concentrating endeavors on advancing their AI solution, with Samsung set to give more insights concerning its on-going undertaking named NEON. Bixby is an AI-based advanced colleague right now introduced in its significant keen gadgets.

LG Electronics, Samsung’s littler nearby home machines rival, plans to work an exceptional corner at the CES 2020, where guests can encounter its very own AI solution too. Not long ago, LG Electronics documented a grievance with South Korea’s corporate guard dog over a Samsung promotion, blaming its QLED branding for being misdirecting. LG said Samsung’s QLED TV is simply a fluid precious stone presentation (LCD) TV with a backlight panel that has an extra QD sheet, not a true QLED display that utilizations quantum dot light emitting diodes.

Samsung Electronics is supposed to grandstand another smaller scale LED TV at the occasion, with LG Electronics generally foreseen to present another innovative display like the rollable TV revealed a year ago.

LG, which is making endeavors to tap further into the robot industry, plans to grandstand another model that can be utilized at cafés. Samsung, which disclosed the Gait Enhancing and Motivating System (GEMS) wearable robot at the current year’s CES, may think of another model at the up and coming occasion, industry watchers said.

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