Roku launches a free app for the Apple Watch with new features

Roku launches a free app for the Apple Watch with new features

A Roku app is available exclusively for the apple watch owners along with new features such as virtual remote, voice control and the ability to find remote. With the app, the user can control the Roku device directly from the Apple Watch.

Roku, the online media players, will offer a new free app exclusively for the apple watch owners. The app will be available “on right on your wrist,” the company wrote in its official blog. It is composed of features such as voice controls, virtual remote and remote finder.

The mobile app will be available along with the updated version 6.1.3 on iPhone. The user need not manually install the app if automatic installs are enabled on the watch, the company added. However, the app cannot be accessed if the user carries a first-generation Apple watch.

The Roku app includes features such as virtual remote, launch channels, voice search and remote finder. The virtual remote provides the option of quickly launching the favorite channels on TV which can also be listed in the user’s convenience.

The voice control feature in the app will allow the user for voice controls instead of tapping on the screen for launching channels or select programs. This feature can be accessed simply by tapping the voice icon in the app and say commands like “Launch Hulu,” or “Switch to HDMI 1” for Roku TV. But this feature will be available only for the selected Roku devices and Roku TV models.

The remote finder is considered as the best feature offered by the app. The users can use the Apple Watch app to signal the Roku remote, which will then play an “audible chime.” This feature is available only on Roku Ultra and Select Roku TV models. Meanwhile, Roku added Apple TV app to its Roku Channel Store last month which give the users access to the Apple TV+ streaming service.

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