Pixel 4 Has H.265 Video Recording, Thanks to Google Camera 7.2

Pixel 4 Has H.265 Video Recording, Thanks to Google Camera 7.2

It’s no secret that Pixel devices have one of the best cameras in the market, but that is not always about how the hardware is designed. Computational optimization of photography is a big thing and Google Camera 7.2 is bringing newer features to Google Pixel 4 now. Along with the many features the latest version of the app has brought is the support for H.265 video recording. In addition to this, Google Camera now allows you to share photos and videos directly to more apps like Slack. Both these features are quite complementary.

H.265/HEVC is one of the most popular video codecs out there. Known for the compression algorithms, the video files would be taking up storage space from your Pixel 4 smartphone. However, the format causes some issues regarding compatibility. It is noticed that the media format is not accepted in all platforms. This may create a ruckus if you are planning to play Pixel 4 videos on a variety of devices. As of now, the feature is also available in the older generation of Pixel devices, and that was brought via Google Camera 7.1, which got released earlier.

Social Share is another area where Google Camera app has improved exponentially. As we said earlier, the app now offers more control over where you can easily share the photos to, and Slack is an option. People who got the Camera 7.2 update also noted that the app now offers a uniformed User Interface for Settings. You will be able to find the right font size when you open up the Settings font, which was not the case in the past. At the end of the day, Camera 7.2 from Google is not much of an overhaul but it brings some of waited-for-long features to the package.

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