Mozilla Brings Privacy Protection, Performance Boost and More through Firefox 70

Mozilla Brings Privacy Protection, Performance Boost and More through Firefox 70

Mozilla Foundation and its Firefox browser have always been one of the biggest proponents of web privacy. The browser is endeared for privacy-friendly features as well as blocking options. Now, the latest version of Firefox, Firefox 70, is bringing more social tracking protection and one of the biggest performance boosts for macOS devices. The brand-new feature, Social Tracking Protection, has been designed to improve overall web privacy by helping people stay away from cross-site tracking cookies. These cookies are often used by sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“It’s part of our Enhanced Tracking Protection that we launched by default in September. It prevents third-party trackers from building a profile of you based on your online activity. Now, you’ll see the number of cross-site and social media trackers, fingerprinters and cryptominers we blocked on your behalf,” says the official release document while talking about Enhanced Tracking Protection. Although the feature has been enabled by default, users will be able to customize the same according to their needs. For instance, Firefox warns that the complete enabling of this feature would render at least some websites non-functional in the long run.

Another big feature in the new Firefox update is the performance upgrades macOS devices will have. As per what the company says, the browser would now be consuming a lower amount of power while keeping the total performance intact. “In short, Firefox 70 improves power usage by 3x or more for many use cases. The larger the Firefox window and the smaller the animation, the bigger the difference. Users have reported much longer battery life, cooler machines and less fan spinning,” reads the release notes on this topic. Both these features would be reasons for macOS users to shift from Chrome or Safari to Firefox if they are willing to give up some features.

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