Heat Camera at Camera Obscura Helps Woman in Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Heat Camera at Camera Obscura Helps Woman in Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the biggest issues women, in particular, are facing across the world and the inability to detect the issue earlier can make things worse. In an unusual incident, a heat camera at a tourist location helped a woman in understanding that she may be suffering from breast cancer. While the heat camera at Camera Obscura, Edinburgh, showed a heat patch in the breast area, Bal Gill was surprised and then sought help through the internet and other professionals — when she understood that she has breast cancer. As of now, she has been diagnosed with early-stage of breast cancer.

The element of unusual is that thermal cameras are not normally really good at understanding whether one person has breast cancer. Doctors whom Bal Gill consulted said that she was really lucky to have noted this and then led to actual diagnosis. The news came to the limelight when Bal Gill sent a letter to Camera Obscura, which was then published on the official website. She added in the letter that she had to go through surgeries and now they’re trying to prevent the growth of cancer.

“We had been to Edinburgh Castle and on the way down we saw the museum. While making our way through the floors we got to the thermal imaging camera room. As all families do, we entered and started to wave our arms and look at the images created. While doing this I noticed a heat patch (red in color) coming from my left breast. We thought it was odd and having looked at everyone else they didn’t have the same. I took a picture and we carried on and enjoyed the rest of the museum,” reads the letter. This heat patch made her look on the Internet and come to the idea that she may have breast cancer.

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