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6 Ways to Get Paid Riding a Motorcycle – Blog


get paid riding a motorcycle

There are so many reasons that people like riding motorcycles. People love the adventure, the speed, the pure joy of the experience. They’re often less expensive than cars and cost less to maintain. But can you get paid riding a motorcycle? Yes – keep reading to find out how.

Benefits of Riding Motorcycles

Before we explore how to get paid riding a motorcycle, let’s discuss some of the benefits of motorcycle riding. Some of them are obvious. However, others might surprise you.

Motorcycles are Cheaper Than Cars

First of all, they can be very cost-effective vehicles. According to Motorcycle Habit, here are some of the ways that they save money in comparison with cars:

  • Motorcycles cost less to repair. Moreover, they’re simpler machines so often you may be able to do repairs yourself.
  • You’ll save money because they get good gas mileage.
  • Insurance is cheaper for motorcycles than cars.
  • Motorcycles tend to last a long time.
  • And yet, they usually retain great resale value.

So, before you even start to get paid riding a motorcycle, you might find that just switching from one to a car can save you money.

Additional Benefits of Motorcycles

Motorcycle Habit adds that there are some other amazing benefits to motorcycles:

  • Parking is easier.
  • You often get where you’re going more quickly.
  • Riding a motorcycle allows you to get closer to nature than being in a car can.
  • It’s good for both your physical and mental health. CASBO reports that motorcycle riding improves core, neck, and leg strength, burns calories, and improves insulin sensitivity!

And if you think about it, some of those things might actually save you money, too. If you have better physical and mental health, then you reduce health care costs. If you can get to places more quickly, then you might be able to use your time more productively. (And of course, time often equals money.)

Get Paid Riding a Motorcycle

As you can see, many of the benefits of riding a motorcycle translate to saving money. However, you don’t just want to save money. Instead, you also want to make money. Here are some ways to get paid riding a motorcycle.

Become a Motorcycle Tour Guide

People pay to go on walking tours, bus tours, Segway tours, and bicycle tours. So why wouldn’t people pay to go on motorcycle tours? The concept is the same. You take a group of people out and share a certain area with them. Then you get paid.

Motorcycle tours are an especially great option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike with walking tours, the tour guests are already naturally socially distanced on their own bikes. You might stop at specific locations to look at beautiful views. However, these could all be outside in nature, where it’s relatively easy to follow any pandemic protocols.

During those stops you would share some fun facts with the people on your tour. You get to earn money sharing information, going to places that you enjoy, and meeting new people. Moreover, you get paid riding a motorcycle.

Work as a Delivery Driver

If you want to start making money riding a motorcycle as quickly as possible then apply to work as a delivery driver through one or more of the popular delivery apps. You can deliver food through Postmates or UberEats, for example. Apply to become an Instacart shopper and use your motorcycle to make your deliveries.

Sure, you can’t get in on the traditional ride share economy with your motorcycle. After all, Lyft or Uber won’t hire you to pick people up from the airport on your motorcycle. However, many of these big apps have pivoted to offer services that you most certainly can do on your bike. Note that some of them do have restrictions that limit motorcycle deliveries, so review your options carefully.

Start Motovlogging

Bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers have the potential to make a lot of money sharing something that they love with others. You love motorcycles. So why not see if you can turn that passion into some income?

There are so many creative routes that you could go with this. For example:

  • Start a blog about your motorcycle journey. Maybe it would be a “how to” or “lessons learned” thing for beginner enthusiasts.
  • If you are great at motorcycle repair, teach people how to do that through video instruction.
  • Strap a camera to your bike, go interesting places, and share that content through any number of channels.

Make money through ads and maybe even eventually through sponsorships. You could also design your own motorcycle products (photos, gear, books, etc.) to sell through your blog or social media. There are tons of articles out there about motovlogging, so check them out if this is how you want to get paid riding a motorcycle.

A related type of work is motorcycle photography. The idea here is that you take amazing photos of your bike. Then you sell them through stock photo sites.

AirBnB For Motorcycles

You can “share” or rent out so many different things these days. Obviously, people use AirBnB to rent out their homes to interested vacationers. And ever since that became so popular, platforms have popped up to allow you to share everything from tools to cars. (In fact, there’s even AirPnP for people looking to borrow someone’s bathroom.)

Many people use services like GetAround and Turo to make money renting out their cars. So why not do the same thing with your motorcycle? You can list on sites such as Riders Share or Twisted Road. Then, interested riders rent your bike through the site.

Technically, of course, you’re not riding the motorcycle when they are. But it’s a way that you can afford to have your motorcycle, ride it when you want to, and then make money with it during the hours that it would just be sitting there anyway.

Teach Others to Ride Motorcycles

People who are passionate about something often make the best teachers. If you love motorcycles, then it can be a true joy to pass that love on to others. Therefore, you might want to research what it takes to become a motorcycle instructor. You’ll have to go through a training program in order to be able to legally teach others to ride motorcycles. But it would be well worth if it turns out to be the job you love to wake up and head out to do each morning.

Become a Motorcycle Stunt Rider

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. But then, of course, many motorcycle riders love a good adrenaline rush. If you’re a stunt rider – or you want to take the time to learn to become one – then you can earn money providing entertainment at bike shows.

Similarly, people do make money as professional motorcycle racers. This isn’t an easy industry to break into. It may not be a realistic route for you. However, it’s good to have dreams. If this one is yours, you might want to learn more about it.

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